Myofascial Release Therapy

my main focus at Deep Tissue Spokane is therapy. Your treatments will be customized to suit your needs. Therefore, different combinations of modalities will be used. At Deep Tissue Spokane, the goal is you will leave feeling your pain and injuries are addressed and you are improving with each visit. There are several modalities to choose from. However, the favorite form of treatment is the John F Barnes Method for Myofascial Release Approach Other favorites are Deep Tissue Massage and Trigger Point Therapy. Most treatments are a combination of these three modalities. Other modalities may be integrated into your session to enhance your visit in a unique way every time you come in. Also, Essential Oils are used upon request to enhance your wellness even more.

The John F Barnes Myofascial Release Approach is my favorite form of treatment. It's all about the connective tissue releasing BEFORE the muscles are treated. Since using this method of treatment since 2009, clients have improved dramatically and chronic pain is going away! There is so much information regarding this technique that it is recommended you visit to learn more.


Trigger Point Therapy


A very focused form of deeper isolated pressure and control over a trigger point (bundle of nerves and muscles). Trigger Point enhances a slow "Melting" sensation of that isolated area. Once released circulation increases at the spot. This is usually worked in conjunction with Deep Tissue massage. Some soreness may result from this treatment, but the overall well being is deeply felt and pain can be eliminated.

This is my favorite way of enhancing the Myofascial Release Therapy.  It is an assister for speeding up the process. By use of light pressure to the trigger point(s) the process of connectice tissue (fascia) will begin to unwind.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage


A focused form of application with deeper pressure and control over the muscle fibers. Deep Tissue work also enhances circulation which assists in flushing toxins away from the area. Some soreness may result from this treatment, but the overall well being is deeply felt and pain can be eliminated.

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