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Rennae Schmidt, LMP, NCBTMB - Sole Proprietor

The John F Barnes' Method of Myofascial Release Approach:

Why is the John F Barnes Myofascial Release Approach the favorite form of treatment at Deep Tissue Spokane? It's all about the connective tissue releasing BEFORE the muscles are treated. Since using this method of treatment beginnng in 2009, clients have improved dramatically and chronic pain has dramatically reduced or even gone away completely! These results are seen from clients who have gone to Deep Tissue Spokane for many years because of pain that would not go away! These results are also felt by the massage therapist who has received it, felt it at a very deep level. Feeling these releases as the fibers unwind can result in a sense of being re-opened all the way to the core. The other positive is the length of time the pain is gone between visits. Deep Tissue Spokane desires to bring these results to their clients as well.

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage:

A focused form of application with deeper pressure and control over the muscle fibers. Deep Tissue work also enhances circulation which assists in flushing toxins away from the area. Some soreness may result from this treatment, but the overall well being is deeply felt and pain can be eliminated.

Trigger Point Therapy:

A very focused form of deeper isolated pressure and control over a trigger point (bundle of nerves and muscles). Trigger Point enhances a slow "Melting" sensation of that isolated area. Once released circulation increases at the spot. This is usually worked in conjunction with Deep Tissue massage. Some soreness may result from this treatment, but the overall well being is deeply felt and pain can be eliminated.

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